About Us
A new setting for our gems is the way Susan and Thomas Cherin describe the historic house at 153 Mountain Avenue that is the new home for their long established Westfield business: Thomas D. Cherin Designer/Goldsmith.

For the past 35 years, the firm has been fabricating limited edition, one-of-a-kind and copyrighted original jewelry designed by Thomas Cherin, winner of some of the jewelry world's most prestigious awards including DeBeers' Diamonds International and Diamonds Today awards plus an American Gem Trade Association award for colored stone jewelry.

Thomas D. Cherin is about finest quality diamonds plus rare and natural color diamonds in both traditional and unique shapes available to Tom because he is a member of the most prestigious New York Diamond Dealer's Club. Added to that is a rainbow of colored precious and semi-precious gemstones and a variety of large pearls.

Cherin is also about one-to-one service and the special type of relationship that develops between an artist and those who appreciate his work.                                                                         more>
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