Types of Thai Massage:

  • Therapeutic massage helps to reduce high blood pressure, headache, muscle tension, eliminates stiffness in neck & shoulders, arm weakness, knee pain, lower back pain, sprained ankle, etc.
  • Thai Foot massage helps to eliminate toxins from the internal organs and has a relaxation effect on entire body.
  • A “Nerve Touch” is a type of bodywork with a hot herbal ball over the energy lines of the body to reduce tension in tendons
    and ligaments, muscle strain, joint stiffness, ache  and pain. It
    also enhances better circulation.
  • Tok Sen is an ancient type of bodywork developed by Buddhist monk to heal his paralyzed father. It helps to awake the nerve endings by working with a wooden hammer and stick over the energy lines of the body.  

  • Pregnancy massage

  • Chair Massage

  • Yam KANG ( Fire Therapy )


30 min            $ 55.00
1 hour            $ 100. 00
1 1/2 hour      $ 140.00
In clients home extra $ 20.00 due to the travel

To schedule Thai Yoga Therapy session and ask about pricing please call: 908-361-5533