Tamara Ivankova is a former Russian gymnast and skydiver. She received her B.S. from Georgian University of Sports and Culture in 1985. She was a member of Russian Air Force Skydiving Team and earned her Masters Degree in Skydiving in 1975 and has more then 3,500 jumps.

Since arriving to USA in 1998, Tamara has worked as a rhythmic gymnastics coach and the owner of Club “Attitude” in Rahway, NJ and conducted many rhythmic gymnastics competitions as a Meet Director. The gymnasts of the club won NJ State Championships, Regional Meets and qualified for Junior Olympic for years.

After retiring from her gymnastics coaching  career, she has devoted herself to spiritual field of expertise. She studied Yoga with Ranjitha Sandeep, Darma Mitra and David Svenson and become a Registered Yoga Teacher. Tamara combines her multi-faceted teaching skills and her life experience in sports to create a dynamic yoga class facilitating personal growth and development both physically and mentally. Her primary styles are Vinyasa & Ashtanga Yoga.

She studied the Thai Massage with Professor of Osteopathy David Lutt in France, at the college "OsteoThai" in 2009/2010 and in Thailand at the different professional schools of Chiang Mai from 2010 and with the Master Ajarn Sinchai in 2014.

Tamara is authorized to teach the Thai massage as a Graduate from the School Massage for Health, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

She believes that her new skill will release stress and tension in the clients’ body and bring them deeper into balance and harmony for health, happiness and wellness of being.

To schedule your Thai Yoga Massage or Private Yoga session, please contact Tamara by phone at: 908-361-5533 or email at: info@mettathaiyoga.com.