At Southwinds Yacht Sales you will find more than a boat clearinghouse. You will discover the full boating experience available to you as a result of our association with the Marina At Southwinds. We’re boaters too and we want to help you fulfill your boating dreams

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Southwinds Yacht Sales can help you sell your boat as well as help you buy a boat from our inventory of brokerage boats. Whether buying or selling a boat, our access to hundreds of boats on our Multiple Listing Service with other brokers enables us to offer your boat to hundreds of potential buyers and to help us find the best boat for you.


Prior to listing your boat we learn as much as possible about it by talking with you, determining the boat’s value and researching the successful sales details of similar boats.  We promote the boat’s strong points and advise you concerning any items we think should be improved to successfully market it for you.

We promote your boat through our personal contacts, signs and by advertising it at multiple on-line sites as well as seasonal publications. We show your boat to potential buyers as well as clients from other brokers.

We represent you during all showings and financial discussions and we encourage our interested buyers to submit a written agreement to buy your boat, stating all of the details, rather than a quick verbal offer.  When a contract is accepted and we receive a substantial deposit- after a buyer’s financial requirements are met- we will represent you during sea trial and survey.  If additional negotiations are required, we will represent your best interests to the buyer.

When a buyer for your boat accepts the survey and sea trial findings, we will represent you during a final settlement, at which time you are paid and ownership of the boat is transferred to the buyer. We will represent you fairly in any additional negotiations that may be required.


We get to know you and learn your boating aspirations. Why do you want to purchase a boat? Do you fish? Will your boat be your weekend getaway? What are your financial parameters? We will help you find the boat that fits your needs – and dreams.

Through our multiple listing access to hundreds of other brokerage boats we help you narrow down your search and then select the best boats for your consideration. Our relationship with other brokers eliminates much of the “sales pitch” and we are able to determine the condition of the boat without wasting your time looking at unsuitable boats.

We will negotiate the best price for you, helping both buyer and seller reach a satisfactory and fair sale. We understand this aspect of buying or selling contains an element of emotion and we try to point out the positive aspects of every sale with our clients.


The salesmen at Southwinds Yacht Sales are all boaters with decades of experience-including licensed captains who understand the complexities of buying and selling boats - we have all bought and sold boats for ourselves.  As we get to know you, we will guide you through the process to reach your goal of either buying or selling.  We will represent you  as successfully as possible and we will always treat you fairly and honestly.

Southwinds Yacht Sales is located on the Forked River at the end of East Lacey Road in the Marina At Southwinds.
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As a full-service boatyard, we can help you ensure that ownership of your boat is as pleasurable as its operation. We offer a full menu of boating services, including:

•  Haul-Out Capabilities
•  Engine Repairs and Repowers
•  Electronics Installation and Rigging
•  Spring Tune-Ups
•  Bottom Painting
•  Boat Detailing
•  Fueling (including pump-out service)
•  Ship's Store from snacks to dress ware

All service work is performed by certified technicians and is fully warranted.            
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While we all would love to cruise year-round, proper storage of your investment during winter months is essential for its protection and your enjoyment next season. We offer complete, professional storage service, including:

•  Wet and Dry Storage
•  Winterization
•  Shrink Wrapping

We share your passion for boats and know how to care for them.                
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The pleasures of boating are enhanced by confidence in operation. As of June 1, 2006 , all boaters in New Jersey waters are required to complete a Boating Safety Course and exam, and earn certification of successful completion. (Details on the Boating Safety Course can be found on the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission web site -

Our captains can arrange additional training that will enhance your on-water enjoyment by making you a more confident and capable boater.
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