The St. James AME Church invites you to grow with us! We are seeking those who want to better their lives spiritually and perhaps, for the first time, meet JESUS, whom we believe, is the Savior of the world. We are seeking others who believe in the Triune God (God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost) to seriously apply the teachings of Jesus to their heart and mind and in their homes, community, workplace and school.                     
     • We are committed to build strong families.
     • We are committed to preach the gospel to the poor and deliverance to the addicted, heal the wounded and broken-hearted, help the hopeless hope and see again, liberate those in bondage through the power of prayer.
     • We are committed to love and nurture ALL the people of God for Godly living, to shape His people into a Godly family, and to be an agent for peaceful change in Covenant Community.
     We are looking forward to seeing you in worship with us soon. We are praying for you to help us be the church God is looking for today!

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46 Welshs Lane
East Millstone,
NJ 08875
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