Welcome to SoCal Rhythmics – a premier rhythmic gymnastics club in sunny San Diego, CA. We train girls at all levels, from beginner to the national junior Elite level. No experience is necessary – all you need is enthusiasm and a desire to have fun!

Rhythmic gymnastics is an Olympic sport that incorporates the best of dance, ballet, and gymnastics. It is the perfect blend of art and athleticism, which encourages creativity and flexibility. Students will improve physical fitness, coordination, strength, balance, and concentration and will develop positive self-esteem. Your child will learn basic techniques using clubs, ropes, hoops, ribbons, and balls that she will use in graceful floor routines choreographed to music.

See what your daughter can aspire to with this montage of Olympic-caliber rhythmic gymnastics routines: Rhythmics Is Not easy!

Due to continuous expansion of our program, SoCal Rhythmics is looking for a assistant coach
. For interested candidate, please contact us.

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