Pinewood Derby

The Pinewood Derby was a great success. A special thanks to all who made this night a special success.

Congratulations to all of the scouts who participated in the races. The times were very close all night. There were some great designs and every scout went home a winner.

The following scouts in each rank were awarded trophies for their participation in this year's Pinewood Derby race and winning 1 st through 3 rd place;

First Place : Jarod Hooey
Second Place : Jared Bonina
Third Place : Zachary Model

First Place : Nick Mele
Second Place : Justin Dudzinski
Third Place : Spencer Dooley

First Place : Michael Maguire
Second Place : Edward Delarso
Third Place : Jeff Felter

Webelos I
First Place : Dilan Bonina
Second Place : James Castaldo
Third Place : Gideon Lee

Webelos II
First Place : Joe Mele
Second Place : Mike D'Antico
Third Place : Justin Williams

Patriot District Pinewood Derby Rules:

1. NEW CAR - Car must be built this year. Cars from earlier years are not valid.

2. OFFICIAL KIT - The car MUST be built by the Cub with his parents' assistance from the “BSA Official Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit”. No other car kits are acceptable.

3. WHEEL AND AXLES - The car must use wheels and axles supplied in the official kit. Solid axles are not allowed. No springs or suspension systems. The built-in axle slots in the block MUST be used. Axles may be glued into the car. Any burrs or mold excess may be sanded off. No rounding or reshaping is permitted . Excessive sanding or work done to wheels will not be permitted. No bearings, washers, bushings or other “non-kit” additions are allowed.

4. SELF STARTING - Cars will be started simultaneously by gate lever.

5. LUBRICATION - Only dry powder graphite or white BSA Wheel and Axle Lubricant may be used to lubricate wheels and axles. No oil, grease or silicone lubricants are allowed.

6. LOOSE ITEMS - Any decorations or added weight must be permanently attached to the car with glue, nails, screws, etc.

7. WEIGHT - The car (including paint and decals) may be a maximum of 5 oz. The show scale will be official for all cars regardless of any other claims. Weight changes are permitted during the registration period, but not once the race has started.

8. DIMENSIONS - The car must be 7 inches or less. The car must be 2 3/4 inches wide or less. The wheels must be 1 3/4 inches apart. The car must have clearance above the track of at least 3/8”.

9. RACE OFFICIALS - To ensure fairness, race officials will make final judgments on the qualifications of all cars. Race officials will suggest reasonable adjustments in the cars before any disqualification ..

10. IMPOUND AREA - After registration no cars will leave the impound area. Re-lubricating of wheels will not be permitted once the cars are impounded.

11. CRASHES - If a car leaves the track or a wheel comes off before the car reaches the finish line, the race will be rerun. A one-time five-minute pit stop will be allowed to repair the car. The Official Pack mechanic will make all repairs.

12. RACE FORMAT - will be announced prior to the beginning of the Derby by race hosts.

13. LATE ENTRIES - Entries cannot be accepted after the first heat of each program level.

14. FACING – Race participants may determine the facing of their car on the track, provided the car design does not in anyway provide an advantage to the car's starting position. All cars will be started without advantage provided by car design and starting gate configuration. Race officials have final authority on this issue.