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Click on grade level below to find out generic classroom supplies. Be sure to check the individual teacher's pages to see if they have any additional or different supplies listed. 
Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade
Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade

What You Need for Kindergarten

Please label all items sent to school with your child's name
Please Bring on the First Day of School:
A smock with your name on it
A folder with your name on it
A healthy snack with a drink
Wear sneakers because you may have P.E. class
Wear your red apple


What You Need for 1st grade

Please label all items sent to school with your child's name
Please Bring on the First Day of School:

A healthy snack everyday & an extra box of juice everyday
3 folders with the pocket only on the bottom
Place mat with your name on it (You'll leave this in school too)
Completed Parent Questionnaire
Activity book, a coloring book or sticker book for lunchtimes on rainy days

What you need to buy for the "2nd Week" of school:
"Classic" colors Markers only
Low - Odor dry erase marker
Colored pencils
Large glue stick
"Pink Pearl" or White gum eraser
"Composition Book" with 100 pages & the "marble" cover
Plastic Pencil box no larger than the size of a small cigar box
Do not bring pencils or pencil sharpeners

Could you help out by donating the following items:
liquid hand soap &/or hand sanitizer
Large & small freezer bags with the zipper closure
small paper cups (3 oz.)


What You Need for 2nd grade

2 sharpened pencils
1 pencil box
1 two-pocket, bottom pocket folder
1 placemat
1 box of tissues
1 container of antibacterial soap
a healthy snack
a clean sock, gently used that's no longer worn


What You Need for 3rd grade

2 Dry Erase Markers
3 bottom pocket folders
1 sturdy pencil box (8" x 5 1/2" or smaller)
2 highlighter markers
2 black felt tip pens (non-permanent)
2 red correcting pens
1 pack of colored pencils (8 - 12 count)
1 small hand-held pencil sharpener
1 pack of #2 pencils (NO MECHANICAL PENCILS PLEASE)
1 clean sock
2 packs of standard ruled notebook paper (not college ruled)
1 roll of paper towels
2 boxes of tissues
1 small liquid soap with pump
1 set of inexpensive, headband style headphones for computer use
1 Index Card File Box (size 3 x 5)
2 Packs of White Index Cards (size 3 x 5)


What You Need for 4th grade

Welcome to fourth grade. In order for you to organize yourself, we would like to suggest specific supplies; however, if your parents have already purchased other items do not give Mom or Dad a difficult time about it! We will work around it. It will be OK.
Sharpened pencils: 2 - 3 with erasers
Pens: erasable, blue or black and a red one
Highlighter: yellow, pink, light green or blue
Colored pencils for map-making
Envelop folder to store and carry school messages
Loose Leaf Binder with 5 sections dividers
Optional: Magic Markers and Glue stick
Place mat for lunch
Box of tissues
Index Cards and Box
Black & White Composition Book
1 Package wide ruled white-lined paper
Large Cube of Post-It Notes

For the new Math program:
Small plastic bag containing 100 pennies
2 clean old socks (erasers for white board)
White Board Pen
Clear Plastic Shoe box

School will supply you with folders for reading and health, a homework pad, rulers, crayons, an a writing journal.


What You Need for 5th grade

one box of colored pencils
2 - 5 erasable pens (regular blue or black ink - No gel pens, please!)
3 marble notebooks for journal writing
6 2-pocket folders (one for each subject + a homework folder)
3 sharpened pencils (mechanical pencils are okay)
one glue stick
a pencil box or small shoe box to keep supplies organized in desk
100 pennies in a resealable bag for math games
2 different color highlighters
one clean sock or small cloth for dry erase boards
one box of tissues