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The Jefferson School PTO is pleased to announce that through the tremendous effort of numerous volunteers and staff members, the PTO again surpassed its budget and raised $49,735. This “Year In Review” highlights the PTO’s fundraising and activities during the past year. Jefferson’s school-wide theme, “Character Counts” was again successfully incorporated into many school and PTO activities. Special thanks go to our teachers, secretaries and custodians, who participated in and supported our events; we and our children appreciate the extra effort. We’d also like to thank Mrs. Munoz, our principal, for her dedication and enthusiasm. Together we worked toward achieving our:

                                        Jefferson School Mission Statement
Jefferson School is a diverse community where we work together with shared expectations to create a safe, positive, cooperative learning environment. Educating the whole child is our highest priority and academic, social and civic values are stressed. Each child is given the opportunity to learn to the best of his or her ability in a climate where caring and respect are shown by everyone.

                                                                        Summary of PTO Spending
Cultural Arts: Once again, our PTO brought a variety of high-quality cultural programming to our school. Eight assemblies were held this year including: (Total: $7,840)
–Sharon/John Kelleher, Citizens of the World           ($1,000)
– Nori Co., Korean Drum & Dance Ensemble           ($1,150)
– American Rep., Dance Alive-Ballet Rocks               ($1,500)
– Baylin Artists
           Leland Faulkner, World of Wonder                    ($1,200)
– Metro Rhythm Chorus                                                  ($175)
– Slapstick Science: Flight                                              ($1,195)
– Young Audiences                                                          ($880)
              Charlotte Blake Alston, Griot Stories & Songs
               Anne Pasquale, Liberty Belles                         ($740)

Author Day: Jefferson was pleased to host Robert Blake for our Author Day. He gave presentations throughout the day and led a discussion with our faculty during an Author's Luncheon provided by the PTO. (Cost: $229).

PTO Mini-Grants: This is the seventh year that the Jefferson PTO awarded mini-grants to our teaching staff. Among those awarded were: (Total: $4,044)
– Time for Kids (4th grade) (Cost: $379)
– Monarch Butterflies: Third grade classes observe caterpillars become butterflies! (Cost: $260)
– Library Computer Tables (Cost $857)
– Digital Cameras & Photo Printer (Cost: $2,199)
– Reading Incentives (Cost: $349)

Class Trips:The PTO provides $5 per child to offset the cost of class trips. (Cost: $5,030)

Parent Volunteer Recognition: Our sixth annual PTO Honor Roll recognized more than 288 parents by name on over 68 committees. In addition, we held a Joint Board and Volunteer Recognition Dinner at The Garlic Rose restaurant where we thanked and recognized volunteers, installed new PTO officers, thanked outgoing board members and said good-bye to our graduating fifth grade parents.

Gifts to Teachers:
* Classroom Funds: $30 per teacher (Cost: $1,270)
* Free Fall Book Fair Books (Cost: $476)
* Flowers for special occasions and school concerts. (Cost $100)

Gifts to Staff: The PTO gives end-of-year gifts to our Secretaries, Custodians, Lunch Aides and Crossing Guards. In addition, we celebrated Secretary's, Librarian's and Nurse's Days. (Cost: $520)

Staff Appreciation Activities: : A Welcome Brunch for teachers was held the day before school started. The PTO also hosted a Bagel Breakfast following the teachers' annual Staff Charity Volleyball game, this year played against McKinley. (Cost: $362 )

The PTO sponsored its seventh annual school-wide Teacher Appreciation Day project and Staff Luncheon in May. For the Appreciation Day, each student wrote his/her name on an oval which was then applied to a class tray. (Cost: $570) .

Information to Parents: The PTO works hard to keep parents informed about our school and district. Each family was provided with:
– a PTO Directory (Cost: $725)
– a weekly Jefferson Journal (Cost $1,525).
We also held five(5) evening PTO Meetings.

Refreshments: The PTO provided refreshments at many school functions, such as the Opening Day Coffee, Meet the Principal, Back-to-School Night and monthly PTO Meetings. Children also received Ice-Cream Sundaes in June. (Cost: $347)

Publicity: Jefferson continued to have extensive publicity, 24 Articles were published in local newspapers. The entire community enjoys the Picture Displays and annual Scrapbooks located in the main hallway. (Cost $165)

Parent-Teacher Council (PTC) Representation: The Westfield PTC sponsors committees in areas such as Cultural Arts, Budget Task Force, BRAKES, Special Education and PANDA. Each school pays PTC dues, provides representatives to serve on the PTC committees as well as 5 representatives who attend monthly townwide meetings. (Cost: $250)

Winter Reading Program: Once again, this joint parent-teacher project, incorporated with Read Across America Day, was a resounding success. Students attended the program and 308,693 minutes were read during the month. (Cost $120)

Fifth Grade Activities: The PTO provided $1,200 towards the Fifth Grade Party , held at Edison and sponsored by Nickalodeon. The PTO also prepared the Fifth Grade Yearbook and provided refreshments for the Fifth Grade Recognition Assembly . (Cost $1,415)

Lunch Time Enrichment: During the cold winter months, the PTO planned indoor recess activities including: bingo, a square dance and student performances of individuals' special talents! (Cost $406)

Beautification: This committee improves the landscaping around our school. (Cost $500)

In addition to the above ongoing expenditure programs, each year, the PTO makes special, one-time purchases for the school. Gifts to the school this year included:

Four Benches for the new playground ($1,379)
Megaphone ($81)
Six Cafeteria Style Tables so our students can eat in the gym starting next year. ($5,154)
T-shirts-kindergarteners ($610)
Defibrillators ($3000)
School Folders: Each student receive a Jefferson School Folder in the beginning of the next school year. (Cost $ 1000)

Fundraising Proceeds

The PTO experienced a tremendously successful year, earning $14,285 over budget. Our success goes beyond just dollars, as many events brought teachers, parents and students together. Highlights of our fundraisers are listed below.

Jefferson Jubilee: Over 325 of the students participated in our 7th annual theme show, which held two sold-out performances at Westfield High School. This amazing effort involved 125 parents and starred 9 Teachers, and grossed $15,580.

Fall Fundraiser: The Sally Foster Gift Wrap catalog, used again as our Fall Fundraiser, earned $9,488.

Adult Fun Night : With a Seventies theme and held at the Gran Centurians, people enjoyed a night of dancing with a John Travolta impersonator, silent auction and tricky tray prizes. We exceeded budget by making $5,900.

Fun Night: tickets were sold to this family event of games, crafts, food and a grade-level gift basket raffle which made $3,684, thanks to 270 Parents and faculty members.

Book Fair: Exposing our children to new books and critical purchasing, this annual event earned $2,060.

Kidstuff Books: In its second year, this kid friendly entertainment & shopping coupon book made $2,611.

Market Day: In its third year , this monthly fund raiser earned over $5,000.

Pizza Program : Every Friday PTO volunteers distribute pizza to students at lunch time. This year, $814 was made on this program.

Many thanks to the hard working committee chairs and volunteers who planned these events, and to all of the families who participated in them.

Summary of Non-Expenditure Services

Our school's Web Site can be accessed at www.westfieldnj.com/js. Families moving into the Jefferson district receive the PTO-compiled Community Connections folder, which contains important school and town information (e.g. train schedules, aftercare, etc).

Community Service: The PTO helped support numerous community service initiatives during the year, such as collecting books for students at Berkeley Terrace Elementary School in Irvington, collecting supplies for the troops overseas, giving gifts to Irvington students at the holidays and UNICEF which raised $356 .

Art Explorers: PTO volunteers teach a short lesson on a piece of famous artwork and the artist and then the children try to imitate the artist's style in their own creation.

Back to School Picnic: This all-school event which kicks off each school year had 730 people attend and made $303.

Holiday Gift Shop: Offers the students quality gift items for their families at minimal cost.(Made $250)

Library Volunteers: PTO volunteers assist Mrs. Bonavita with the smooth operation of the library during school hours.

Kindergarten Orientation: PTO volunteers create packets for and sign in the new students and their parents, direct them during the program, and provide refreshments. (Cost: $141

Half Day Rollerskating Party: During one of the half day afternoons, a rollerskating party is organized for students and their families.

Birthday Book Club : This program encourages students to donate books to the library in honor of their birthday, a teacher, or any special occasion. This 42 books were donated.

Information Desk: For a fourth year parents took shifts at Jefferson's information desk, welcoming visitors, providing information and an “extra pair of eyes” to assist with building security.

Plans for Next Year

The PTO's proposed budget for next year was presented at our final evening PTO meeting. Jefferson's faculty has announced the theme for the 2004-2005 school year will be “ 50 Years of Excellence in Education ” to celebrate Jefferson's Golden Jubilee. We're looking forward to a wonderful celebratory year!

We hope you found this information about the PTO's activities to be helpful. We're always interested in new ideas and in your feedback about our programs. Enjoy your summer!


PTO Executive Board 2004—2005


Co-Presidents Rose Hughes & Barbara Giordano

1st Vice President Janine Culnan

2nd Vice President Leandria Lewzewski

3rd Vice President Marcee Rogers

Cooresponding Secretary Debbie Friedman

Recording Secretary Lori Felter

Treasurer Ruth Maloney

Advisor Joann Spera