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Book Fair - a major fundraiser for Jefferson School.  This year it will run from September 15 through September 19, 2003, and from 7:30 - 9:00 pm on Back-to-School Night.  As always, volunteers are needed, especially during Back-to-School Night.  For more information, contact the committee co-chairs..
Market Day - all revenue from this fundraiser will be used to build a new playground for Jefferson.  Click here for more information.
Schoolshare.com - Schoolshare is a way for Market Day customers to contribute additional funds to Jefferson School while you shop on-line. If you participate in Market Day, you can start at www.marketday.com; you will see a list of merchant affiliates and the percentage that each merchant rebates. You then log in with your user name and password so Jefferson School will receive the rebate. If you have not registered before you will be prompted to do so. If you do not participate in Market Day online, you can access this program at www.schoolshare. com. Again, you will need to register and log in with your user name and password so that Jefferson receives the rebate.
You must start at either marketday or schoolshare, and then click through to your merchant of choice; you then buy items at the participating merchant site. A list of merchants, and the percentage that goes back to Jefferson is available at either www.marketday.com or www.schoolshare.com.
Fall Fundraiser is a major fundraiser for Jefferson School.  Sally Foster wrapping paper, ribbons, gift bags and other items are sold, as is chocolates.  Also offered are Entertainment Books. The sale will run from late September to early October. .
Campbell's Labels for Education - an online list of which labels to save.  After saving the labels, please send them in to school in an envelope marked Campbell's Labels for Education.
Box Tops for Education - an online list of the participating brands of the General Mills products.  After removing the Box Tops logo, please send them in to school in an envelope marked Boxed Tops for Education.
Ink Cartridge and Cell Phone Recycle Program
The PTC (Parent -Teacher Council) of Westfield is continuing their fundraiser to earn points towards computers and computer equipment for our School District. It's as simple as collecting empty toner and inkjet printer cartridges and cell phones and sending them in. Every day, printer cartridges are being changed and often thrown away. Now, our school district can benefit and get technology equipment! All we have to do is send in to school our used ink cartridges. They get put in a box and when the box is full is sent UPS to Funding factory. We can really earn more points if parent are working in a business that throws out used cartridges. You can have a pre-paid collection box placed right in your place of work. UPS return labels are already on the boxes so there's no paperwork to fill out! Once the boxes are full and sealed shut, give them to any UPS driver, or drop off at a UPS facility. Most ink cartridges and cell phones are accepted!!! For more information you can go on line at www.fundingfactory.com or to have a box placed in your place of work. For more information, call Joann Spera.