At Comprehensive School Testing our services are designed to care for the whole child.

Disciplines of Evaluation
Also available
•  Neuropsychological
•  Social Assessments
•  Learning Disabilities
•  School Psychology
•  Speech and Language

Comprehensive review and analysis allows CST to perform Child Study Team educational evaluations for children preschool to 21 years old who are experiencing academic difficulties. Our assessment includes:
•  Individualized Evaluation
•  Standardized Aptitude Testing
•  Review of Academic Records
•  Teacher Consultation
•  Parent Interview
•  Functional Measures
•  Student Interview/Observation

Unbiased test results identify a student's learning strengths and weaknesses. This helps educators plan programs and direct learning resources, including educational specialists and therapy. The assessment process facilitates a coordinated approach among school districts, parents and students that can best position a child for improved academic progress.

CST partners with the three most important components of a student's learning process:
•  School Districts dedicated to providing students with proper educational support
•  Parents committed to playing a guiding role in their child's educational development
•  Children, who help us help them reach their potential.

Outcomes of the CST review and analysis result  from a disciplined and comprehensive examination of the whole child. We focus on the specific areas of need in determining a child's eligibility for special education and related services. Our reports help guide educators and parents in developing an appropriate road map to improved academic achievement for a child. Our reports are comprehensive and comprehensible to educator and parent alike, and may include a referral element relating to the psychological component of our analysis.

CST is a fully state-approved agency. Our assessments meet the New Jersey Administrative Code Title 6A Chapter 14-Special Education.

Learning Disabilities
•  Review existing documentation
•  Standardized testing
•  Observe behavior
•  Discuss with caretakers
•  Confer with professionals
•  Interview students






CST certified professionals trained to identify learning disabilities perform an in-depth review of relevant documentation for a student. These include evaluations and information provided by parents, schools and/or agencies; intervention measures previously taken; and developmental and school records.

We personally administer standardized testing in areas of reported deficit to obtain clinical test scores and formulate a comparative evaluation.

Advanced training allows our professionals to closely observe, interact with and interview (when appropriate) a child to gain knowledge of skills.

Personal interviews with and/or interview forms provided by parents, teachers and/or school personnel provide invaluable insight that fills in the evaluation picture.

One or more informal measures may contribute to the assessment, including analysis of work samples, trial teaching and/or self-reporting.
School Psychology
•  Review existing documentation
•  Consider family history
•  Assess functional performance
•  Standardized Testing
•  Examine behavior
•  Confer with professionals
•  Interview students



CST certified psychologists perform an in-depth review of relevant documentation for a student. These include evaluations and information provided by parents, schools and/or agencies; as well as family composition and history.

We conduct a functional assessment of performance of a child, which may include rating scales, surveys and inventories, and checklists all clinically recognized tools of psychological and neuropsychological testing.

We administer a standardized cognitive assessment, as appropriate.

Our examination of adaptive behavior skills provides valuable insight in assessing a student's psychological profile relevant to learning.

Speech and Language
•  Review existing documentation
•  Assess skills through standardized    testing
•  Review classroom impact
•  Confer with professionals
•  Interview and observe the student
•  Discuss with caretakers
•  Review records
•  Informal measures
•  Language samples


CST certified speech and language specialists perform a complete speech and language skills assessment for a student.

Fields of evaluation may comprise:
•  Articulation
•  Language
•  Voice
•  Fluency
•  Oral Motor Skills
•  Auditory Perceptual Skills

Difficulty in one or more of these areas may impede the learning process through receptive or expressive language delays and necessitate speech and/or language assistance.

The assessment of a child's ability to learn and identifying impairments to that process carries great importance to educators and parents alike. New Jersey school districts committed to fulfilling their legal and professional obligations to the children in their care turn to Comprehensive School Testing because we are a state-approved testing agency with the training, skill and knowledge to help educators and parents help children reach their potential.

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