2018-2019 School Year

Comprehensive School Testing provides a full menu of Learning, Psychological and Speech/Language evaluations and additional assessments throughout the school year and summer recess, working with both school districts and parents. We are a state-approved agency.



Learning Evaluation


Psychological Assessment


Speech/Language Evaluation


Social Assessment


Neuropsychological Evaluation


* School District Incentive Program

Speech/Language Evaluation •• Psychological Assessment •• Learning Evaluation •• Social Assessment

The first 10 evaluations of a school year within one school district are priced at $600 per occurrence. Subsequent evaluations within that district are discounted to $500 per occurrence for the remainder of the school year for Learning Evaluations and Psychological Assessments.

Our School District Incentive Program proves beneficial to school districts experiencing a high demand for evaluations and/or independent assessments that exceeds their internal capabilities, helping them to meet their obligations while remaining within budget.

Testing Locations and Hours of Operation
CST evaluations are administered from our Paramus office location during and after school hours, on weekends and school holidays, and during summer recess. All evaluations can be performed on school grounds, based on staff availability.

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