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CDE tuition is due upon registration. Tuition is paid on a bi monthly basis.

intro & kinderdance  $120.00 bi-monthly ($60.00 a month)
45 min/1 hour           $120.00 bi-monthly ($60.00 a month)
1 1/4 hours              $150.00 bi-monthly ($75.00 a month)
1 1/2 hours              $180.00 bi-monthly ($90.00 a month)
1 3/4 hours              $200.00 bi-monthly ($100.00 a month)
2 hours                    $230.00 bi-monthly ($115.00 a month)

Students taking 5 full classes per week or more may subtract $60.00 from
bi-monthly tuition.

Registration fee is $25.00 per student.

5 bi-monthly payments:
sept/june payment due upon registration;
oct/nov due oct 7th;,
dec/jan due dec 7th;
feb/mar due feb 7th;
april/may due april 7th;
*$20.00 late fee
will be added to tuition paid after due date;
june tuition holds the student's place in the class & is non refundable, non transferable.

$50.00 costume deposit required for each class due by October 20th.

Registration authorizes CDE to photograph and/or videotape all students.

*If you have any questions concerning CDE Tuition please feel free to contact us. Thank You!

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