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The CDE DANCE PARTY is HIGH ENERGY and JAM PACKED with fun from beginning to end. Christina has been a party motivator for top entertainment companies in NY/NJ for years!

CDE will have current hit music as well as classic party music. We will have the hottest dance moves and most popular games to keep the kids ntertained! Christina and her assistants keep the party hopping! A hip hop party is available for older kids (Ages 9-11).

How long is the party?
A party is 1 ½ or 2 hours

What does the CDE dance party offer?
We will decorate with balloons and signs. We give out great prizes for all the games.
We will set up for eating and help pass out food and help clean up after the party.
You have the use of 2 studios, the parking lot, waiting room and outdoor patio (weather permitting)

Can we have any outdoor activities?
April thru October, weather permitting, we have picnic tables outside.

What days can we book a party?
A party can take place any day of the week. Parties may also be booked any day when CDE is closed for holidays or summer break.

How do I book a party?
Please call CDE with your preferred date. Try to have at least two options if possible. When Christina confirms the date and time, a $100 Non-Refundable deposit is due to secure the date.

What do I do the day of the party?
The host family should arrive 15-20 minutes before the party. The parents are free to come in the party room to take pictures and video. We ask that all other guests wait upstairs or return after the party. No coffee or food permitted in the waiting room. A veggie/fruit platter is the only food acceptable (easy and healthy).

Important information:
The studio must be cleared ½ hour after the party

Emergency cancellation may occur with snow storms at the discretion of the school. We will reschedule for another date.

All payments must be made to Christina Manousos by cash or check. Check is only accepted by CDE members.

If Christina becomes ill or has an emergency, CDE reserves the right to get a comparable substitute.

Boys are permitted but not recommended.

One to three assistants will be hired to help with the party depending upon the party size.

You will be responsible for the final amount of children attending given in advance. If this number changes to more children, the price will be adjusted.

Parents Check List:
____ 1. Invitations with directions and our phone number (732) 388-6088. Don’t forget to indicate clean sneakers and comfortable clothes to dance in (we have custom dance invites available !!)
____ 2. Call CDE – Call the desk 1 week before to give final count and confirm time
____ 3. Food – Call for pizza the day of to arrive ½ hour before the end of the party. Juice boes and water are allowed (No pouring of big bottles) Cupcakes instead of cake (No cutting of the cake is permitted) This is easier for the kids, parents and us.
____ 4. Extras – Paper plates, candles, utensils, napkins, goodie bags, table cloths, lighter

CDE has 1 or 2 assistants, all music, prizes, all props and supplies for the games, balloons and signs for decorations and mats for tumbling. You have the use of 2 air conditioned studios with stage lighting, a waiting room with a television. We have a patio with tables and chairs outdoors in a very private setting if weather permits. We also help with all food and drinks)

Up to 10 children = $275
11-15 children = $300
16-20 children = $325
21-25 children= $350
25-30 children= $400
An extra $50 fee for a holiday weekend or for a 2 hour party.

Balance of the party must be paid at the end of the party. Tips for the assistant/s optional, but always appreciated.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to call CDE at 732-388-6088.

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