Voted the Best Dental Office in Central New Jersey three years by the Readers of the Home News Tribune Newspaper.

 “In appreciation for your support of the 2003 New Jersey Dental Association Special Olympics New Jersey Campaign. A program committed to the lives of more than 13,500 athletes in New Jersey who trained to compete year round in sport.”
         --Jeffrey H. Rempell, DMD , NJ ; President, New Jersey Dental Association
         --Marc S. Edenron, President, Special Olympics New Jersey
(Please note that Gentle Dental Care, LLC has been participating with this program for many years, and will continue to do so in the future.)  

Dr. Strober was voted the best dentist in New Jersey by his peers for 2005. The list was published in the July issue of New Jersey Monthly Magazine.

  “Mike, Thanks for the shipment of toothbrushes. We just got them today. I will take them to Bound Brook and load it on the trucks. Thanks again, EE” 10-12-05
(Dr. Hart donating several cases of toothbrushes for a convoy going to the relief of the Katrina Hurricane refugees ) October 2005

 “Dear sir/madam: On behalf of my troops, I thank you for your patriotic generosity. It was very nice to arrive after the long trip home and to have new dental care products waiting for us. It means a great deal to my troops and their families to know that they have the support of the American people. Sincerely, James B. Smith, Jr. Cpt ADA ANG Commanding; Pennsylvania Army National Guard “ Feb 20, 2003
(This was a note from the National Guard thanking Gentle Dental Care for donating dental products to help the troops returning from Afghanistan . We have been supporting the troops for many years, through many activities.)

 “Dear Dr. Hart: We gratefully acknowledge your very thoughtful offer to become a volunteer for the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program. You are very kind, and we are most appreciative. We are indeed privileged by your association with the DDS project. To reiterate for emphasis, thanks so very much. Respectfully, Larry Coffee, DDS,”
         -- President National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped. Mar 14, 2005

 “These guys are the best. Always helpful and cooperative”.
    Karen F.10-10-05

 “Dr Hart and Staff-
I was happy to hear that MY dental office received the award for the Best Dental Office. I knew that before the award- you are truly the BEST. I should know, you have been so very wonderful to me, keep up the good work.”
   Winnie B. 12-5-05

 “Thank you for my “Gentle Care” You have truly been PAIN FREE. Thank you”
   Joan B. 9-26-05

 “Dear Dr. Hart, Maggie, Erika, and Doreen-
Thanks and blessings to you for the wonderful care you took of me. And for the GREAT job you did with my crown. I felt no pain or discomfort afterwards. You are wonderful and I love you. I pray for you each day. God reward you for your kindness. Peace.”
   Marilyn O. 9-13-05

 “Dr. Messer, I am very happy with the results you've achieved for me & thank you for all your time and patience to please me. Sincerely,
   Jennie P.” July-2005

 “Dr. Hart did a phenomenal job bonding my front teeth, and they have lasted 19 years. My job has me meeting the public, so I need to look my best”.
    Andrew S. 10-31-05

 “Dr. Messer: The confidence that I hold in your professionalism and efficient workmanship confirmed that traveling from Pennsylvania was worth it. Thanks again for living up to your reputation of “Gentle Dental Care”. As long as I am able to travel I will remain in your care. Please pass my thanks along to the staff. Will see you soon.”
     Carolyn L. April 2004

 “Dr. Hart and Staff. Thank you for help, Love Beth Ann M.”
    Beth Ann M. Sept 2005
(This is a note from a handicapped patient that Dr. Hart has been treating.)

 To Dr. Hart and Erika and staff: Words cannot convey how thankful I am that I came to this office for my dental needs. You are all great. You took my fears and calmed me down when I needed it. Thank you so very much.”
    Jane M. Jan 30 2004

 “My teeth are so fabulous, that I feel like a model.”
     Adele D.10-29-05

 “The staff is warm and personable”
     Ann L.10-29-05

 “God Bless you all”
    Beatrice J. Aug 2004

 “Dr. Strober, (Richard Benjamin) Saw you listed with the greats of dentistry- congratulations! I always tell everyone how good you were and that I never suffered pain. Miss seeing all of you. One day I'll drop by to say hi! Keep up the good work”.

 “Dear Dr. Strober and staff at Gentle dental, Thank you for taking care of my tooth emergency the day before my vacation. We're having a wonderful time in Crested Butte, Co. Best regards,”
   Bill T. 9-14-04

 “Dr. Messer is wonderful, gentle and caring. He is very compassionate. My crowns are 15 years old, and I still look great.
   Cathy D 10-29-05

 Dr. Hart is intelligent, painless, efficient, and tells wonderful stories while he is working on you, to keep your mind off the dental work.”
   Cathy D. 10-29-05

 “Dear Dr. Strober- I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and kindness in taking care of my teeth. My new bonding looks great- I love it- so sincere thanks! Also- you have the most wonderful staff. I don't know how you managed to surround yourself with so many great people- but well done! See you next cleaning”
   Melissa A. 10-28-04

 “Dr. Strober, Thank you so much for taking the time to look at me on Tuesday to figure out what is going on with my crazy cracking jaw. I appreciate you taking the time, especially since I know how busy your office is. Anyway, the night guard adjustments felt better already, so hopefully that will help out in the long run. Maybe it will finally stop cracking so people don't get freaked out when they are sitting next to me for a meal! Thank you again”
   Shannon B. April 8, 2004

 “Dr. Strober, Adele, Rachel & Jen & Staff, The sincere kindness, Care, &thoughtfulness is very appreciated for all these years- that's why traveling all these miles is worth it. Thank you.”
   Karen S.

 “I feel it is a very pleasant experience coming to the office. I do not feel a thing when I have work done. Everyone is friendly and happy, especially Maggie. I am looking forward to getting my mouth into the best shape possible”.
   Erika L. 10-29-05

 “I had my Wisdom teeth out on Thursday, and was back to work on Monday, and did not feel a thing!.”
   Tina P. 10-31-05

 “I had veneers done right before my wedding, so I looked gorgeous in the pictures. These changed the shape, color, and appearance of my teeth. I do not need to have braces again, I was able to whiten them, and my teeth were too sensitive to bleach. I love smiling again”.
    Cheryl S. 10-31-05

 “You are really gentle. The name says it all.”
   Karen H. 10-29-05

 “ Dr. Hart- I think you guys are tremendous. The nurses are very nice, and are concerned with the patient”.
   Joe D. 10-28-05

 Gentle Dental Care is the perfect name. That is how I feel about this place.
    Maria O. 10-29-05


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